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This is for 1 piece of Megaloolithus Siruguei Dinosaur eggshell

The fossil was collected in Ventabren in France - and dates from the Cretaceous - approximately 68 Million Years Ago.

One issue with Megaloolithus Siruguei shell is that the the Dinosaur it came from is largely unknown.
We know it was a Sauropod, but the dinosaur itself has never been discovered - which makes it's appearance and lifestyle a bit of a mystery!

Some Dinosaur eggshell is found in quite large amounts.
Dinos such as Hadrosaur and Oviraptor are fairly common - though with a new ban on Chinese exports Oviraptor shell is becoming scarce.

This is a more rare fossil to find and this is the first I have ever offered in more than 12 years of selling fossils on Ebay.
A good opportunity for you to add a beautiful and rare fossil to your collection.

I have sourced this - along with several other types of Dinosaur Eggshell  from a specialist collector in France.
This material really is rare - and I challenge you to find more than a handful of other sellers on Ebay!

You will receive the exact pictured   piece of eggshell in a padded, plastic box. 
The  piece of shell measures  1.5cm  across.

(If there is an orange cube in the image - it measures 1cm square - to help you with scale)

The shell comes professionally  boxed and labelled and complete with a signed certificate of authenticity - complete with a holographic serial number.