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This is for 1 piece of  Pyroraptor Dinosaur eggshell

The fossil was collected in Trets - near Aix En Provence in France - and dates from the Cretaceous - approximately 68 Million Years Ago.

Some Dinosaur eggshell is found in quite large amounts.
Dinos such as Hadrosaur and Oviraptor are fairly common - though with a new ban on Chinese exports Oviraptor shell is becoming scarce.

This is a more rare fossil to find and this is the first I have ever offered in nearly 9 years of selling fossils on Ebay.
A good opportunity for you to add a beautiful and rare fossil to your collection.

I have sourced this - along with several other types of Dinosaur Eggshell  from a specialist collector in France.
This material really is rare - and I challenge you to find more than a handful of other sellers in the UK

You will receive the exact pictured  piece of eggshell in a padded, plastic box. 
The  piece of shell measures  2mm  across.

PLEASE be aware of the scale
This NOT a large piece of eggshell.
I would hate for anyone to buy this and receive it and expect it to be huge.
This is VERY rare material, but is not huge.

The shell comes professionally  boxed and labelled and complete with a signed certificate of authenticity - complete with a holographic serial number.