Fossil Otodus Shark Tooth in Matrix

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This is a superb fossilised Otodus Shark tooth - set in its matrix, just as it came out of the ground....

Found in Morocco - and dates from the  Paleocene Era

The tooth has beautiful, very shiny enamel and a gorgeous  colouration.A  lovely pale cream


You may not receive this exact tooth, but one VERY similar from the stocks I have.
The tooth measures roughly 2.5cm wide and 3cm from the base of the root to the tip.


This is a new product for Jurassic Jewellery and one I am sure will prove VERY popular.
I always have a tooth like this on my table at shows - and it always attracts a lot of interest.
This would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any fossil fanatic!

 Otodus teeth are always popular and one of my best sellers!
 The shape of the tooth gives an idea of the immense power of this early mackerel shark!
 Otodus was a large mackerel shark that swam the seas between the Eocene-Paleocene Eras - ( roughly 30-50 Million years ago) It attained lengths greater than 10 metres and is thought by many to be related to the Megalodon, the largest shark to ever swim the ocean. Great gift! , A one-of-a-kind collector's piece !

The features of the Otodus species teeth are
 1) - A massive root
2) - Large separate cusplets
3) - A heavy center crown.