2 Fossil Xenacanthus Shark Teeth - AN ULTRA RARE SHARK!

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This auction is for 2 fossil Xenacanthus Shark Teeth

This was a rare shark, and these teeth are VERY rare. I challenge you to find any more for sale on Ebay or beyond.

The teeth are from the Ryan Formation - found in Jefferson County, Oklahoma and date from the Lower Permian ( 299 - 251 million Years ago.)

You will receive 2 of these rare teeth in a padded, plastic box.

Each tooth measures  7mm and 10mm from top to bottom
NB - These are NOT perfect teeth, and have various chips and breaks.
BUT they are VERY rare.!

These are the first teeth of this type I have ever sold on this website, and are unsold stock I have rediscovered.
I only have a few sets left and then they are ALL GONE!