THE HADRON COLLIDER - A UNIQUE Solid Silver Meteorite Necklace

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This necklace is inspired by the wonder of the Hadron Collider - created in Switzerland to help  discover some of the secrets of the Universe.

The outside edge of the disc symbolises the huge ring of the Hadron Collider and I have set an enamelled star to show the place where the  HUGE collision occurs.
Hopefully the point at which the Collider will detect the mysterious HIGGS BOSON particle.
One of the true mysteries of the Universe! 

I have also set a fragment of iron meteorite at the centre of the silver disc
The meteorite is Nantan - a legendary iron meteorite fall that fell in China in the year 1516.
What could be more thrilling than to wear a beautiful piece of jewellery complete with something from outer space

The Silver disc measures 2.5cm top to bottom and is strung from an 18 inch solid silver curb chain and boxed in a stunning black velvet lined jewellery box along with a signed certificate of authenticity.
You will also receive a free A4 meteorite information sheet, packed with information on these incredible objects.