ULTRA RARE 9 Piece UK Fossil Collection

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This is a superb collection of UK fossils
You will receive 7 different bags.
The set you will receive won't be the exact set pictured but will be very similar and some of the sets are better and with higher quality fossils than those pictured.

The fossils are from the Eocene era - 54.8 to 33.7 million years ago

Bivalves - Folkestone - Eocene - 3
Gastropods - Folkestone - 1
Ammonite Suture Patterns - Folkestone - 1
Worm Tubes - Folkestone - 1
Shark Tooth -London Clay, Beltinge - 1
Scaphopod - Folkestone - 1
Crinoid Stem - Fokestone - 1

These fossils were collected by one of the most respected fossil collectors in the UK - and also a published author on UK fossils.
They are the result of MANY, MANY months of collecting.
Unlike Moroccan fossils for example, UK fossils like these just aren't easy to find.
It is the result of many hours of searching, cleaning and sorting through mud and clay.

When these collections are sold, it is unlikely I will have any more of this material to offer.

All the fossils are bagged and labelled and would make a FANTASTIC addition to any fossil collection