Superb Piece Of Moldavite - NEW!!

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This is a gorgeous little piece of Moldavite - the strangest and most beautiful form of Tektite.
Moldavite is only found in one place on Earth - the Moldovan region in the former Czechoslovakia - Eastern Europe.

While no-one knows for sure, it is thought that the 'splashfield' that led to the creation of moldavite was created by a meteorite impact in Germany.

The beauty of Moldavite that sets it apart from the majority of tektites is the colour.
Nearly all tektites you will ever see are a solid, unchanging black, whereas moldavite is a stunning rich green.
It is normally found as small specimens of between 1 and 5 grams and they can sometimes have the most incredibly detailed splashing effect on the surface.
They can look just like raindrops that have frozen upon impact with the ground.

I have managed to find a few choice specimens of Moldavite for you.
These aren't the largest or highest grade shapes, but there are a lot of fakes on offer. I can guarantee this is genuine.

The piece you will receive won't be this exact piece, but similar in size and weight and equal in quality.

It will measure roughly 1cm across and weigh roughly 1 gram

Will be accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity and A4 meteorite information sheet.