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This is a  set of 3 pieces of genuine New Jersey Amber.

If you are a fossil collector who likes something both rare and unusual this could be just for you.

The set is boxed and contains 3 pieces of amber that are between 5mm  and 10mm across.
NB - The set you will receive won't be this exact set, but one VERY similar in size and appearance.


This amber is 92 to 95 million years old, making it one of the oldest ambers
Many tons of Dominican and Baltic amber is mined every year, as opposed to only a few tons of rare New Jersey Cretaceous amber EVER FOUND!
   Dominican and Baltic amber is nowhere near as old, rare, or valuable as New Jersey amber.

Only a few ambers in the world are from the time of the dinosaurs, and this is one of them.
This amber was dug in the Raritan formation in Sayreville, New Jersey - six to ten feet under the surface in thick bands of lignite.  Before this area became a construction site, it had previously and successfully been mined for amber by scientists from the Museum of Natural History. This amber has only been found in a  few places throughout New Jersey, and the location this amber was mined is said to have more insect-bearing amber than the others.  In fact, it is the same type of amber where the oldest mushroom, ant, and flower were discovered!  Over a hundred new species of bugs and plants have come from the pit where this amber was  mined. Many of the pieces are small; that is what's mostly found, but the smallest piece could have the most valuable treasure.