Surfite Necklace
Surfite Necklace

Silver Set Surfite Necklace

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Similar to Fordite, Surfite is created in a similar way, but is made from Surfboard resin.

Basically when a surfboard is created, at the end of the process it has a layer of resin poured over the board to finish it.
Some of this resin always flows off the board and onto the floor.

This resin builds up over time into a thick layer with countless different colours and textures.

Much like Fordite someone decided to use this residue layer for jewellery and it is cut and shaped

My Surfite material comes from a big surfboard factory in Cornwall.

I have created a sterling silver setting for this oval cabochon.
I also added a cutout back section so you can see the colours all the way through, and it also lets light flow through the resin.
Surfite tends to have more clear layers than Fordite and this means that on a sunny day the sun will shine through and make the colours really pop!

The pendant measures 6cm  top to bottom  - and is strung from an 18 inch sterling snake chain

Nicely labelled and boxed and with a certificate of authenticity.