Unique Double Sided Dagenham Fordite Necklace

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Fordite is a beautiful substance, but neither natural nor old.
It is actually built-up paint residue from the paint-shops at Ford car plants.

It really is the most beautiful substance, and when cut and polished it reveals the coloured layers of paint that have built up on the floors and walls of the paint shop.

I must point out that this really is a rare and sought after substance
I bought a supply a while back , and since then the supplies have almost totally dried up.
As cars are painted in a different way nowadays there will never be any Fordite once current supplies run out.
That  really  WILL be it!

This necklace is VERY special as it is made with Dagenham Fordite.

This is one of the VERY first types of Fordite available and was collected many years ago by the legendary and now sadly departed Paul Mcnally

Paul worked at the Dagenham Ford Factory and collected the material and was one of the first people to ever make and sell Fordite

This piece was bought directly from him and is one of the few pieces I have left
It is the first piece of Dagmenham Fordite I have offered for some years.

The pendant measures  in  2.4cm across including the bail  and has a solid Sterling silver setting.

I have made a custom silver setting that surrounds the Fordite but shows off BOTH sides

Fordite is so unique that both sides have different colouration and this piece shows that off beautifully!

The pendant is strung from an 18 inch Sterling silver snake chain and sent in a lovely  velvet lined jewellery box.
and is complete with a signed certificate of authenticity.