Libyan Desert Glass - 2.96 grams

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This is some of the best Libyan Desert Glass I have ever offered and sourced from a new high quality supply

Libyan Desert Glass is a beautiful and intriguing material and highly sought after.

The origin of Desert glass is uncertain. Meteoritic origins have long been considered possible, and recent research links the glass to impact features, such as zircon-breakdown, vaporized quartz and meteoritic metals, and to an impact crater.
 Some geologists associate the glass with radiative melting from meteoric large aerial bursts, making it analogous to trinitite created from sand exposed to the thermal radiation of a nuclear explosion. Libyan Desert glass has been dated as having formed about 26 million years ago. It was knapped and used to make tools during the Pleistocene

In essence while not a lot is known about the origins of Libyan Desert Glass it is most definitely a stunning substance 
Most pieces are glassy golden yellow ( though can be browns and greens) and it has been pummelled by many thousands of years of sand blowing over the surface

It has become increasily rare and hard to source, partly as many areas of the strewnfield are now warzones and impossible to reach safely.

There is a piece of Libyan Desert Glass used in the scarab in a piece of jewellery called a Pectoral -  found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.
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The specimen you will receive will be the exact one pictured and it weighs 7.83  grams

and measures 3cm across at its widest point

You will receive it boxed and labelled