Superb And Rare Rutilated Rabbit Hair Quartz Point - Tibet

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A Stunning Tibetan Rutilated 'Rabbit Hair' Quartz Point.

Quartz is a form of silica and is the most common mineral the earths crust. As such Quartz and Quartz crystals can be found in large quantities the world over. Regardless of this fact very clear and large Quartz crystals are highly prized by collectors.

I have been looking for some superb quality specimens for some time - and am very excited to offer these crystal specimens alongside my more usual fossils, meteorites and jewellery

This is a superb and rare Rutilated Quartz Point.

I have never offered these before and they are such a lovely shape and colour.

Different to the usual clear quartz points - these are a cloudy and varied creamy beige colour and almost stonelike texturing in places.

measures 7.4cm long