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Ian Barrett
Jurassic Jewellery

December 2015


A totally new page with a lovely selection of semi precious stone jewellery

Some simple with cut stones strung from silver chains - some more intricate with silver set cabochons and claw settings




Silver Set Coral Necklace

10 Ammonite Slice Necklaces

2 x Fossil Nautilus Necklaces

Fossil Coral Cufflinks

Solid Silver Ammolite Cufflinks

Fossil Coral Brooch


May 2013


Stalactite Cufflinks - Jewellery One-Offs

Ammonite Necklaces - Ammonite Necklaces Page

Druzy Agate Necklaces - Gemstone Jewellery (NEW PAGE)

Amethyst Necklace - Gemstone Jewellery (NEW PAGE)

Moonstone Heart Necklace - Gemstone Jewellery (NEW PAGE)

Tigers Eye Necklace - Gemstone Jewellery (NEW PAGE)

Ammonite Brooches - Fossil Brooches

Fossil Coral Brooches - Fossil Brooches
Paua Shell Brooches -
Fossil Brooches

Ammonite Slice Earrings - Fossil Earrings 

Dinosaur Bone Necklace - Main Fossil Jewellery

Claw Set Fossil Coral Necklace - Main Fossil Jewellery
Fossil Coral Cufflinks -
Fossil Cufflinks

Amber Heart Necklace - Amber Necklaces




November 2012 

10  x Trinitite Specimens
10 Madagascan Ammonite Slice Necklaces

1 x Large Silver Wrapped Ammonite Slice Necklace

Whitby Jet Necklace - On Silver Chain

2 x Amber Bead Necklaces

3 x Fossil Coral Necklaces

Silver Crater Meteorite Earrings

Enamelled Star - Silver And Meteorite Cufflinks

2 x Moon Dust Necklaces

2 x Mars Dust Necklaces

Large Hadron Collider Meteorite Necklace

Enamelled Silver Oval Meteorite Necklace

Beaded Fossil Shark Tooth Necklaces

Fossil Orthoceras Necklace





July 2011


 Icelandic Volcanic Ash Necklace ( UNIQUE!) - Jewellery One-offs

 Solid Silver Dinosaur Footprint Necklace  - Jewellery One-offs

 Enamelled Dinosaur Necklace  - Jewellery One-offs

 Solid Silver Ammonite Earrings - Fossil Earrings

Solid Silver Trilobite Ring - Fossil Rings

6 New Silver Meteorite Rings - Meteorite Rings

6 New Trinitite Samples - Weird And Wonderful

5 Sikhote Alin Iron Meteorite Specimens - Iron Meteorites

5 Campo Del Cielo Iron Meteorite Specimens - Iron Meteorites





Weird And Wonderful
8 X Trinitite Samples                            -             Weird And Wonderful
Genuine Iridium Sample                     -             Weird And Wonderful

Stone Meteorites
5 x  Stone Chondrite Meteorites         -             Stone Meteorite Page
2  x Urelite Meteorite Samples             -          Stone Meteorite Page
SAU 001 - Meteorite                                -          Stone Meteorite Page
Moldavite Tektites                                   -           Tektites
Tataouine Diogenite                              -           Achondrite Meteorites
NWA 1459 Meteorite                              -           Achondrite Meteorites

Iron Meteorites
Nantan Iron Meteorite Pyramid            -              Iron Meteorites
Iron Meteorite Spheroids (Canyon Diablo)      Iron Meteorites
3 x Sikhote Alin Meteorites                    -             Iron Meteorites
4  x Canyon Diablo Meteorites                -         Iron Meteorites


2 x Fossil Coral, Australia                             -        Main Fossil Page
2 x Fossil Rootlets                                       -           Main Fossil Page
KT Boundary Material                                    -         Main Fossil Page
Whitby Jet                                                          -       Main Fossil Page
UK Fossil Belemnite                                   -           Main Fossil Page
Fossil Turtle Shell                                     -              Main Fossil Page
Iguanodon Bone, Isle Of Wight                 -            Main Fossil Page
Stromatolite, Scotland                                             Main Fossil Page
 UK Fossil Collection                                     -         Main Fossil Page
20 Piece Moroccan Fossil Collection         -          Main Fossil Page
Pufferfish And Parrotfish Teeth                    -          Main Fossil Page
2 Moroccan Echinoids                                        -     Main Fossil Page

Dinosaur Fossils
Saltasaurus Dinosaur Eggshell                           - Dinosaur Page
Oviraptor  Dinosaur Eggshell                                - Dinosaur Page
Dinosaur Bone Chunks                                           - Dinosaur Page
2 x Spinosaur Dinosar Bones                               - Dinosaur Page
Iguanodon Dinosaur Bone                                      Dinosaur Page
Moroccan Reedops Trilobite                                      -Fossil Trilobites Page
Proetus Diacalymene Trilobite                                   -Fossil Trilobites Page
Positive/Negative Diacalymene Trilobite                  -Fossil Trilobites Page
Rare UK Trilobite - Dalmanites                                  -Fossil Trilobites Page
ULTRA Rare UK Trilobite - Platycalymene               -Fossil Trilobites Page




10th December 2009 -              6 Pieces of Fordite Jewellery 

8th December 2009 -                  Fulgurite Necklaces  BACK IN STOCK!

30th October 2009                      Moon Rock Boxes. - A REAL piece of the Moon!!!!
                                                         BOXED MARTIAN METEORITE SET - NWA 1068- ULTRA RARE!!!
                                                         NWA 1459 Meteorite - Worlds Rarest Meteorite Class  - REDUCED PRICE

5th October  2009                        6 Trinitite Samples

1 September 2009                      Solid Silver Trilobite Cufflinks