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I have been selling pieces of Whitby Jet for several years - and I kept getting asked if I had any Jet jewellery.
I decided to create a piece - and here it is.

Rather than a lot of jet jewellery where the jet is cut in a very ornate and intricate manner, I thought it would be nice to keep it very simple.
I haven't cut the jet itself - it is a natural piece of sea-worn jet.
This makes it easy to imagine where the jet comes from - and appreciate it's natural beauty.

I feel that when it is cut and polished you lose any sense of the Jet being a rare and natural object.

Jet is essentially a fossil
A piece of fossilised Monkey Puzzle Tree from a tree that lived many millions of years ago.
It is a VERY rare substance, and only commonly found in one place in the UK.
It is collected from the coastal town of Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast.

I only have a limited supply of these necklaces, and don't know how long supplies of Jet will last.
This is a great opportunity to buy yourself a beautiful and intriguing piece of jewellery.

You won't receive this exact necklace, but it will be identical apart from containing a different piece of jet.
The Jet will measure roughly 3cm top to bottom and 1cm wide.
It is drilled and strung from an 18 inch SOLID silver curb chain.

It will be sent to you beautifully presented in a high quality black velvet lined jewellery box with a full colour inlay featuring an image from Whitby.
You will also receive a full colour A6 certificate of authenticity, complete with unique holographic serial number
It will even be nicely gift wrapped in blue tissue paper - and make a FANTASTIC little gift...