Solid Silver Fordite Cuff Bracelet

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 I am guessing that very few of you will be familiar with Fordite.
Fordite is a beautiful substance, but neither natural nor old.
It is actually built-up paint residue from the paint-shops at Ford car plants.

It really is the most beautiful substance, and when cut and polished it reveals the coloured layers of paint that have built up on the floors and walls of the paint shop.

I must point out that this really is a rare and sought after substance
I bought a supply a while back , and since then the supplies have almost totally dried up.
As cars are painted in a different way nowadays there will never be any Fordite once current supplies run out.
That  really  WILL be it!

This bracelet is made with USA Fordite - from the paint shops in Detroit.

The bracelet is made with sturdy solid sterling silve sheet and is beautifully handmade by myself
There is a lot of work in a piece such as this and it would look stunning on any ladies wrist
Being flexible silver it would fit pretty much ANY wrist and measures 7 inches around.

The Fordite cabochon measures 2.4cm top to bottom and 1.5m cm across at its widest point.

I dont have  a jewellery box big enough but will wrap it nicely in tissue paper and send it along with the supporting certificate giving full details on this amazing substance!