Lunar And Mars Meteorites

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Moon Rock Boxes. - A REAL piece of the Moon!

These are a fantastic new item I have sourced from the World's biggest supplier of Planetary meteorites.

The set is a small fragment of real Moon rock, securely mounted in a super little plastic box.

They use a variety of Lunar meteorites but I can guarantee every meteorite is totally genuine.

The boxes have a colour image on the front, and a certificate of authenticity on the back. . - (The image on the front may vary slightly to the one on this listing but they are all superb little sets)

The frames measure 5cm x 3.5cm and the meteorite fragments weigh roughly 10 Milligrams.( The weights are marked on the certificate.

These really do make fantastic gifts for any fan of astronomy. Whenever I offer these at shows they always get much more interest than any other item on the table!
My supplier has told me he has sold over 20,000 of these sets have been sold to date so you can see how popular they are! 

You will also receive a free A4 Meteorite information sheet. - created for Jurassic Jewellery by the Chairman of BIMS - the UK and Irish Meteorite Society.



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This is a boxed fragment of Martian meteorite
What you are buying is a genuine piece of Mars

What could be more exciting than owning a genuine piece of our nearest cosmic neighbour...?

It may not be a  massive piece of Mars rock,but I can guarantee it is genuine.
The supplier of these has told me he has sold over 20,000 of these boxes around the Globe.
They are skilfully made by one of the World's most respected dealers of Planetary meteorites.
A lot of time and skill goes into cutting, weighing and mounting these boxes.

The box you will receive may not have the exact same picture on the cover. There is a variety of different images which can be seen in the second image.
Unless you specifically request an image and I have it in stock I will pick a box at random.
The weight of the meteorite is on the reverse of the box along with a signed certificate of authenticity.

The weights vary between 7 and 16 milligrams.
The box itself measures 5.5 cm x 3.5cm  and 1.9cm thick -and the Martian meteorite samples are all roughly 2mm across.
Small, but very visible and truly moving to look at when you think of where it has come from......

The meteorite itself is  NWA 6963

Bought from one of the the most respected  Planetary meteorite dealers in the World,there is NO better pedigree.
I know a fellow meteorite dealer who has given many of these boxes to astronauts he meets at Space memorabilia events.

If you've never bought a meteorite before - this could be a lovely little item  to start your collection with.

Guaranteed genuine for life .

You will also receive an exclusive free gift - an illustrated A4 meteorite information sheet.
This was written  by Mark Ford - Secretary of the BIMS (British And Irish Meteorite Society) and gives a useful overview of meteorites.
It will offer no revelations to a dedicated meteorite buff, but will be indispensable for a complete novice.


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