Fossil Cufflinks

If you are looking for unique and unusual gifts for men  - what could be more exciting than a stunning pair of cufflinks made with real fossils.

Every pair is totally unique and with millions of years of history on his wrist will be a talking point for YEARS to come!

Silver Plated Ammonite Slice Cufflinks - BEST SELLER!

The Ammonite slices all vary slightly in colour and size from the ones shown - but these are unique fossils and makes each pair a true one off!

The Ammonite slices measure roughly 1.5cm -2.5cm across and are all unique.
There are an amazing variety of colours and patterns within the chambers.

BOXED in a stunning black velvet lined jewellery box - and complete with a signed certificate of authenticity with unique holographic serial number  and make a truly unique gift  for any man!

These have proved VERY popular as wedding jewellery and I have sold many sets to be worn by the groom and his best Man or Men..

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Silver Plated Whole Ammonite Cufflinks


 Small but whole Fossil Ammonites have been mounted on silver plated cufflinks.

The Ammonites are Perisphinctes Ammonites from Madagascar and are a simple but elegant fossil

They date to the Late Jurassic period - around 150 Million Years ago

The Ammonites measure roughly 1.5cm across

BOXED in a stunning velvet lined jewellery box - and make a truly unique gift  for any man!

Complete with a signed certificate of authenticity


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Silver Set Real Trilobite Cufflinks


These truly unusual cufflinks are made with two whole fossil Trilobites from my collection
The Trilobite is Elrathia kingii - a very famous trilobite found in th USA in the Cambrian era 500 Million years ago.

What could be more fun than wearing a reminder of an animal that lived over half a BILLION years ago!

The cufflinks are each individually made with bespoke solid silver settings.
EVERY Trilobite is a slightly different shape and size so each setting has to be made by hand
This takes a lot of skill and time, but the setting will protect the Trilobite forever.

The cufflinks measure 2.5cm across

BOXED in a stunning black velvet lined jewellery box - and make a truly unique gift  for any man


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Solid Silver Ammonite Cufflinks

 This is one of my most popular creations for some time.
I have created them from a cast of a small UK Ammonite.

The Ammonites are then cast in solid silver and mounted on solid silver cufflinks.
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Gorgeous Solid Silver Fossil Coral Cufflinks

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Solid Silver Fossil Dinosaur Bone Cufflinks

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Solid Silver Trilobite Cufflinks



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